Useless Goose Box

The IoT Useless Goose Box is a "useless box" contraption, which turns itself off after you flip on its switch. It was created within 21 hours during the EngHacks hackathon, and won 1st place. Each time the box's switch is flipped, it will perform a random sequence of actions before turning itself off again. What makes it different from typical "useless box" devices is that you can customize its sequences through an android app, and even activate it remotely.

Tools Used

Software: C++, Java, Particle API, Android Studio, Particle Dev

Hardware: Particle Photon, Arduino Uno, relays, speaker, servos, lights

Mechanical: Wood, hand drill, drill press, band saw, jigsaw


This project was executed in a 3 person team along with Umar Bhutta, and Johvonna Murray-Bradshaw. My pre-hackathon involvement included coming up with the idea, defining product features, creating the high level software design with Umar, defining all required physical components including the low level mechanical design, and creating a project schedule to ensure we completed the project on time. During the hackathon, I created the physical box, integrated all hardware components, and helped code a large portion of the control program running on the Particle Photon.

Here is the video of the project in action:

This project was a lot of fun, and was my first time winning a hackathon!

Check it out here:


GitHub (Control Program)

GitHub (Android App)